Hotel Investment: Location, Location, Location

Location is a crucial element of any sort of property investment. With that said, it’s particularly important to find the right location when you’re investing in a hotel. These are a few of the things you’ll have to keep in mind when you look at hotel investments.

Find A Location That’s In High Demand

You’ll want to make sure that there are plenty of people travelling to the area that you’re investing in. Whether an area is a tour hotspot or a place where business conventions are regularly held, you’ll want to know that there is a real demand for hotel rooms in that area.

If the occupancy rate for your hotel is low, it will be difficult to see a return on investments. While investing in a hotel can be highly profitable, investing in the wrong area may not work for you. Hotels in cities are typically a smart investment, and it can be smart to invest in up-and-coming areas as well.

Look At The Area’s Demographic

When you’re considering the location of a hotel, you’ll want to look at the demographic that will be staying in that hotel. For example, if an area sees plenty of families, you’ll want to invest in a hotel that has amenities that appeal to families. If an area sees a lot of wealthy visitors, investing in a luxury hotel could be smart.

Even if an area is in high demand, you may struggle with your investment if your hotel doesn’t cater to that area’s primary demographic. Make sure the people visiting that area will want to stay in a hotel like yours.

Consider The Competition

You’ll want to see how much competition your hotel will have. If there are already plenty of hotels in that area, then your average occupancy rates might be lower.

You shouldn’t necessarily avoid an area because of competition. However, you should make sure that the competition won’t keep your hotel from being a success. Research a hotel’s average occupancy rates before deciding whether or not to invest. If the average occupancy rates are below 60%, you may want to explore some of your other options.

It can be hard to find the right location for hotel investments. While an investment opportunity might seem viable at first glance, the location of that hotel might keep it from being a smart choice. Look at a number of locations, including locations outside of the UK, and decide where you would like to invest.

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